Business wholesale providers

Acquire and sell business-grade services on the nbn™ broadband access network through an existing wholesale provider.

The list below sets out wholesale providers that offer business-grade services using the nbn™ broadband access network and have consented to being included. Contact a provider to discuss your requirements.*
Residential wholesale providers
Also check out our list of approved wholesale providers that offer residential nbn™ products and services.
View the residential wholesale providers list.

Key term definitions

  • Backhaul: As a Retail Service Provider (RSP), you can choose to establish a direct relationship with nbn and make a direct connection from your network to nbn™ services and infrastructure at nbn’s POIs. You may also choose to acquire backhaul services from a wholesale service provider. Backhaul is the transmission service from the nbn™ Point of Interconnect (POI) to the RSP’s network. RSPs can choose to connect to a few or all of the 121 POIs that are part of the nbn™ access network. Backhaul networks carry data between the end user’s closest POI and the RSP’s closest network, also known as a Point of Presence (POP). 

  • Aggregation (Additional Services): Wholesalers can group together nbn™ products with their own value-added services, and provide them to Downstream Access Seekers (who may not own any network assets). These Downstream Access Seekers can then use those wholesalers’ products (which are built on business nbn™ products and services) to help deliver internet access and voice solutions to end customers.
*The information contained on this webpage was last updated on 18/12/2020. Some of the information has been provided to nbn by wholesale providers and nbn does not warrant that it is accurate or up to date. All information is indicative only and subject to change. This list of wholesale providers is not exhaustive. It may not list all providers that offer wholesale business nbn™ products. For example, it does not include providers that have not chosen to be listed. Talk to your preferred wholesale provider(s) about the wholesale business nbn™ products available in your end customer’s area which are suitable for their needs.