Corporate Social Responsibility

Improving Australia in more ways than one
We are committed to making the nation a better place through our work in helping to lift the digital capability of Australia, making a positive difference in our communities and caring for our environment. Our approach to corporate social responsibility is founded across three pillars - Inclusion, Prosperity and Environment – and informed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 


Advocate and lead practices that drive greater social and digital inclusion.


Our commitments:

1. Increase digital participation within at risk community groups.

2. Strengthen diversity and participation in the workforce for women and minority groups.

3. Volunteering with a purpose by supporting digital inclusion and STEM education.

For learning resources and tools to help you have a safer, more positive experience online, visit the Australian Government's eSafety guide. 


Drive positive advancement across the telecommunications industry, benefiting all.

Our commitments:

1. Increase accessibility of fast broadband for at risk communities.

2. Help to cultivate the future telecommunications workforce and reduce barriers of entry.

3. Advance the development of the digital economy to drive social, economic and industry innovation.

Learn how digital technology is transforming education and preparing the next generation of business leaders in the Connecting Australia research report.


Pursue sustainable environment and social value initiatives.


Our commitments:

1. Protect our heritage sites, aboriginal culture, flora, fauna, land, water and public amenity during the build and operation of the network.

2. Build a low power and low carbon network that’s both resilient and environmentally friendly.

3. Lead the sector in sustainability management across environment, community, workplace, supply chain, reputation, and governance.

Caring for the health and safety of our people is at the heart of nbn.

As our business continues to scale, NBN Co is guided by the following principles:

  • Our people and those we work with go home safely every day; and
  • Our employees’ health and wellbeing is valued and enhanced.

Discover more about how NBN Co is helping to lift the digital capability of Australia

The nbn™ Sky Muster™ satellite service is providing access to learning opportunities for Aussie kids living in the bush. 
To launch NBN Co's second Reconciliation Action Plan, NBN Co representatives and delivery partners speak about what Reconciliation means to them.
NBN Co is completely reimagining communication in regional communities. We’re helping to keep families together, reduce the drain of youth and talent to the city, and find new ways to grow local economies.
Since working with Headspace (National Youth Mental Health Foundation) and not-for-profit organisation Ostara, NBN Co has demonstrated commitment to helping young people with mental illness join the workforce.

Digital inclusion

We encourage not only our employees, but all Australians to be aware of their family, friends and neighbours who may be at risk of losing touch as the world goes increasingly online. We’ve included a number of useful links to help people to build their skills and confidence - our hope is that all Australians can participate socially and economically in the digital world.