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The business nbn™ ICT Channel Program can help you grow your business and accelerate your customers digitisation journey. Together we can work to deliver an outstanding customer experience. With more and more businesses getting ready to transition to the nbn™ broadband access network, now is the perfect time to join the ICT Channel Program.
What is the business nbn™ ICT Channel Program

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I recommend the [business nbn™] ICT Channel Program, 100 per cent! It’s given us a competitive advantage in the industry and made my brand a lot more trustworthy.#


Leo Iribarren
Principal Consultant, Northern Beaches IT Services; a business nbn™ accredited adviser

Join the business nbn™ ICT Channel Program

Apply today and unlock the potential of the nbn™ broadband access network for your customers.*

* Entry into the program is based on applicants being an ICT professional who are currently employed (or are an owner/operator) in a business that provides IT and communications advisory and technical support to Australian businesses. nbn may verify information provided and successful verification may be a prerequisite to entering the program as a participant.

Genuine experiences of Leo Iribarren, a business nbn™ accredited adviser, reimbursed with a nominal fee for his time.